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Tomatoes production 2009

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Starting 15th of may Agro Codlea offers fresh tomatoes. For this year we plan a 400 tones production, beetwen may and octomber. The harvest proces will be made monday,wednesday and friday.

The register users can consult the price offer for tomatoes from our website. For more information please contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Gherkins and aubergines 2009

vinete 2.2009.jpgvinete 1.2009.jpgcornichon 2.2009.jpgcornichon 1.2009.jpg

Starting from 25th of may untill 15th octomber Agro Codlea allsow offers fresh gerkins and aubergines. We estimate a total production of 350 tones of gerkins and 50 tones of aubergines. The harvest proces will be made monday, wednesday and friday for gerkins and tuesday & thursday for aubergines.

The register users can consult the prices in "price offers" meniu. For more details don't hesitate to contact us.

Over 750.000 euro investments in the last 12 mounths

For improvement of our activity we made investments, in the last year, of 750.000 euro.

Everything has began with the starting of SAPARD project valued at 500.000 euro plus other investments necesary to sustaine the project.

hala centrala.jpgcentrala termica.jpghala centrala2.jpgtemperatura.jpg

Untill now we had finish to following investments: boiler house (100.000 euro), boilers and instalations (180.000 euro), sorting house (80.000 euro), sorting and packing machines (130.000 euro), utilities (80.000 euro), iveco truck (90.000 euro), automatic fertilisation machine (70.000 euro), and spraing sistem (20.000 euro).

hala sortare.jpgmasina sortare.jpgsortare.jpgtomate sortate.jpg

In the following 6 mounths we will invest an other 100.000 euro for growing our productivity and the confort of our employees (new locker rooms, eating room, extending our offices, etc).

iveco.jpgrezervor.jpgmasina ingrasaminte.jpgmasina ingrasaminte2.jpg

We wish to thank all our colaborators: Sapard agency, Bank of Transilvania and the consulting company for the european founds Actual Extra SRL.


Long Cucumbers production 2009

lungi 2.2009.jpgcastraveti 08 III.jpglungi 3.2009.jpgcastraveti 08 IV.jpg

Starting 25th of march Agro Codlea offers fresh long cucumbers. For this year we plan a 200 tones production, beetwen march and june, with the top production of 150 tones in april and may. The register users can consult the price offer for long cucumbers from our website. For more information please contact us by phone or by e-mail.




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