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Long cucumbers

Agro Codlea offers you best-quality long cucumbers coming from carefully selected sorts.
Their freshness and high quality enable our cucumbers to go through transportation and handling and reach their destination in excellent condition. For optimal shelf-life, we wrap our cucumbers in foil, so that their freshness and quality can be preserved for a long time.
The features of the cucumbers we produce are:

a) Quality
- Premium category: long, superior quality cucumbers that meet all the characteristics and colour patterns typical of their sorts, well developed and shaped (straight); average weight: 400 g, average size: 35 cm;
- 1st category: long, good quality cucumbers, well developed and straight; average weight: 350 g, average size: 30 cm.

b) Homogeneousness:
- the content of each crate is homogeneous, with cucumbers of the same origin, sort or commercial type, quality, and calibre.

c) Packaging:
- the packaging ensures proper protection of the product;
- new, clean, and high-quality materials are used for packaging;
- the containers used are 6kg cartons.

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If you are interested in cooperating with us, we can offer you free samples of our wrapped cucumbers. We are confident that this will convince you of the quality of our offer.

Offer valability: march - june 2009


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